Freaky Friday: 2012 Domaine Rolet Père & Fils Naturé du Jura

This wine earns the designation ‘naturé’ not because it is dry (as you might see on the label of a zero-dosage Champagne) but because it’s the local name for the Savagnin varietal in the Jura. This wine is made in the ouillé style, meaning the barrels are occasionally topped up with wine to prevent excessive oxidative character – unlike most other wines of the region which are left to grow a layer of flor yeast.

It opens with a herbal lift, honeysuckle and a general sense of richness, with a hint of Jura’s signature oxidative nuttiness peeking through despite the refilling regime. On the palate it’s savoury and dry with clean, fresh citrus pith and a subtle undercurrent of stone fruit. It’s a rich wine that gains its power from textural mineral and saline notes rather than an overabundance of fruit.

Jura, $44
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