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Nine suitable choices for your next shower beer

Whether you’re multi-tasking on your way out for the night or just decompressing after a long day, shower beers are almost always a good idea.

But there are things to consider when deciding which icy cold brew you should carry across the steamy threshold of your bathroom. For starters, there are practical ground rules: cans are usually better than bottles (the combination of soap, water, bare feet and glass could have less-than-ideal results), you want something that’s super drinkable, and it’s best to take it easy on the alcohol volume front, because no one wants to be drunk and dehydrated.

We asked our resident beer and cider expert Alex Barty for nine suitable suggestions for your next shower beer.

Konig Pilsner

This is a classic German lager, drunk mainly by Austauschstudenten (exchange students) procrastinating in the many biergaerten, river fronts and parks of Germany. It’s crisp, biscuity, herbal and cheap, all wrapped up in a 500ml can; the perfect side to your shower.

Yeastie Boys (Australia) Big Mouth Session IPA

These Kiwi brewers are now sharing a brewery in Sydney, and this is one of their two new releases. It’s fresh, grapefruity and light – the name says it all really – making it perfect for a refreshing sip in the shower.

Balter XPA

When one of the stakeholders is a pro-surfer and the brewer’s influences range from Pirate Life to Stone & Wood, you kind of know what you’re in for. Expect stone-fruits with a zesty, bitter finish. The brief was almost certainly to tip back after hangin’ ten all day…or – as we like to believe – during a post-beach shower.

Forrest Brewing Co Silvertop

Although the Forrest Pale could fit well here, Silvertop – the beer with a cloudy Kolsch-inspired recipe – takes the cake. It’s not in a can, but the difficult-to-drop and supremely satisfying 500ml bottle will do the trick. It’s effortless drinking due to its lighter malt bill, floral hops and lower alcohol content. It has flavours of vanilla, soft apricot and slight biscuit malts, and it’s one of our all-time favourites.

8 Wired Cucumber Hippy Berliner Weisse

This is a new release from the Kiwi brewers, packaged in a very satisfying 440ml can. A session-worthy sour beer, flavoured with a variety of citrus and floral hops as well as cucumber – obviously – which plays off the savoury mid-palate of the beer.

Sailor’s Grave Brewing Down She Gose

You could include a lot of Sailor’s Grave beers, particularly their limited Berliner Weisses, but the core seaweed-ameliorated, salty smashable delight ticks the box for the shower experience when you wish you were still at the beach.

Lost Pippin Sparkling Cider

Not a beer drinker? No worries. This drier style of cider from Tasmania is a great accompaniment to your shower’s resulting heat and steam. It’s made with real apples, not concentrate, and it tastes fresh, slightly spicy and dry.

Pat Sullivan’s Jumpin Cider

Alternatively, crack one of these small batch ciders made by cult winemaker Pat Sullivan. It’s spicy with red apple characters and a slightly savoury edge; a little wild, which is no surprise, but the finish is clean.

Sparkke Boundless Plains to Share Ginger Beer

This is a Ginger Beer with a social agenda. Fermented with fresh crushed ginger and an ale yeast strain, its been back-sweetened with organically farmed Orange Blossom honey. At 3.5% alcohol volume, it’s lighter but not watery, and on the drier side of things with some seriously fresh ginger characters, and hints of florals and citrus peel. Part of the proceeds go to providing legal aid for detained asylum seekers, so your conscience will be as clean as you are.