Freaky Friday: Two Metre Tall Snakebite

Originally commissioned for the Noma Australia pop-up, Ashley Huntington’s first production of Snakebite was an idiosyncratic beer to say the least. This, the second incarnation, is perhaps more complete. Roughly combining 65% wild-fermented, 18-month-old cider; 30% young wild farmhouse ale and 5% matured, barrel aged, acidic farmhouse ale; it’s incredibly complex and funky.

Aromas of bruised apple nuttiness and sweet spice lead to a structured palate containing meaty savouriness and a high proportion of acidity. Though lovers of hardcore sour beers and minimal intervention wines will naturally be drawn to these elements, allowing it to breathe in a burgundy glass with an accompaniment of crusty bread and stinky cheese should offer approachability. Serve it slightly warmer than conventional fridge temperature for a complete experience.

Tasmania, $42
Available all stores

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior