Mix Six Beer August: Did someone say stout?

Yep, we did. Because it’s stout-drinking weather and, lo and behold, we’re offering some tip-top stouts from some of our favourite breweries. Strap yourselves in (click below) and enjoy the ride (drink responsibly).

Balter Black Metal Disco
Balter, brewery extraordinaire, have released their first limited-release beer in the form of ‘Black Metal Disco’. It’s shiny and tastes just like the producer says:

Like thrash being played on the jazz flute, this stout may seem vicious, but its sweet notes make light in the dark of night. The roasted barley and subtle hops mix deliver espresso, chocolate, and vanilla aromas, all wrapped in a creamy mouthfeel and satisfyingly dry finish.
Currumbin, $8

Sailors Grave Breakfast Stout
“Gold, baby”, is exactly what our beer buyer, Alex thinks of this drop. It’s the brewery’s first stout to be packaged, and like all of their other releases thus far, utterly delicious. Oats, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon were used in conjunction with some Ethiopian ‘Sidamo Werka’ coffee from Genovese. However the cherry atop of this offering is the Lark Whisky barrel ageing which has deftly rounded out the experience.
Orbost, $10

The Bruery Share This: OC
The Bruery are experts at replicating sweet treats in beer form. From the ‘Or Xata’ blonde ale to the ‘Autumn Maple’ spiced ale, each specialist concoction offers indulgence, nostalgia and – most importantly – satisfaction. This, “an imperial stout infused with orange-chocolate flavours”, is similarly evocative and as the name suggests, ideal for sharing. Think everything we love about imperial stouts (sweet vanilla richness, savoury spice and bitter espresso notes), paired with fresh orange zest and cacao nibs for an experience that will accompany both cheese platters and desserts perfectly.
Orange County, $35

2016 Edge Brewing Project ‘Stagger Lee’ Imperial Stout
Here’s an imperial stout which gets straight to the point: it’s powerful and contains an unashamed 85 IBUs. While rich and dark, the influencing presence of residual sugar alongside a lick of toasted coconut and wattleseed provides brilliant balance. One to drink slowly.
West Melbourne, $8

2016 & 2017 Mornington Peninsula Brewery Imperial Stout
That’s right, we’ve sourced two consecutive vintages of Mornington’s benchmark imperial stout for you to taste side-by-side. It’s always interesting to see what a difference bottle age can make to beer or wine, and in this case, we think the expected cocoa, coffee and black fruit notes evident in the younger 2017, are accompanied by extra elements of spice and roasted malt in 2016.
Mornington, $11 each

Colonial Brewing Co. ‘Inquest’ Imperial Stout
We’ve been raving about Colonial’s core range for a while now, so it’s super interesting to see their first limited-run effort. It’s a decadent imperial stout which contains a gentle citrus kick to provide freshness, before notes of coffee, chocolate and caramel come out to play. In short: yum.
Margaret River, $8

$77 save over 15%