Mix Six Cider September: In Honour of Drew Henry

Drew Henry, Harcourt orchardist and cider-maker, was a shining light of Australia’s modern cider industry. Starting out in the late 1990s, Drew established Henry of Harcourt in central Victoria and identified the latent potential of our now thriving local scene. He showed considerable excitement, while generously sharing knowledge with his peers and colleagues – it’s even arguable that this offering wouldn’t be possible without his early persistence. So vale Drew, this one’s for you.

Henry of Harcourt ‘Duck & Bull’
Named for Zenith, our three time Welsh Black Champion bull, and Nicole, an excellent mother duck, whom after a small altercation became the best of friends. This cider blends the robust flavours of “real cider apples” with the crispness of Pink Lady apples in a well rounded cider.
Harcourt, $8.50

Daylesford Cider Company Spiced Cider
This limited release from Daylesford’s cider aficionados combines apple cider, spiced rum from Fitzroy’s The Rum Diary bar and local honey. Designed to drink hot in front of a bonfire, it’s definitely comforting and perfect for sharing as an post-meal digestive.
Daylesford, $24

2017 Adam’s Evening Pear
From Tom and Sally Belford of Bobar, this was essentially treated like a pét-nat: First the fruit was gently pressed, then primary fermentation was allowed to finish in bottle. To taste, it’s savoury yet aromatic and we think the perfumed pear character works fantastically with notes of earthy spice and bright acidity.
Yarra Valley, $25

Hazeldean Forest Farm ‘Baw Baw’ Sparkling
From a selection of 10 different apples, this cider is made in the traditional Champenoise method. It’s a complex drop, yet so clean and precise at the same time. Bruised fruit notes are followed up by savoury and nutty elements, meaning this is a perfect picnic companion.
Baw Baw, $26

Small Acres Appscato
A light, approachable cider inspired by those found in France’s Brittany. Notes from the cider makers:
It has intense apple flavours with aromas of apple blossom, fruit driven with a light frizzante and clean finish. Serve chilled for a refreshing drink that goes well with breakfast, brunch or dessert.
Orange, $20

Willie Smith’s Bone Dry
Here, a trio of Royal Gala, Fuji and Pink Lady apple varieties have been employed to create the driest of dry (bone dry, in fact) ciders. Together with a secondary fermentation, three additional months of oak ageing has instilled complexity, clarity and velcro-like tannins which means richer meats and cheeses to accompany will work a treat.
Huon Valley, $11

$96, save over 15%