Surveying the Two Metre Tall farm with Ashley Huntington.

Beer of the week: Blackhearts x Two Metre Tall Blended Raspberry Wild Ale

Two separate raspberry harvests – one early, one late – were fermented with the indigenous microflora of Two Metre Tall’s farm to extract elegance from the former and power from the latter. Blended together, they transform to create a deliciously pure
expression of the Derwent Valley.

Blended Raspberry Wild Ale, made in collaboration with our mate Ashley Huntington of Two Metre Tall, has been over 18 months in the making. And now, after extended bottle ageing, it’s finally ready for consumption. With Ashley’s expertise and our creative direction, the ensuing experience is one which we think offers complexity and structure, but like everything we like to consume, it’s also straight-up enjoyable.

Derwent Valley, $14 each or $140 for 12
Available all stores

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior