On International Women’s Day 2018

The world of wine, beer and spirts is a funny place. The cliché, which unfortunately still applies today, is that men are the only people who earn effortless recognition and praise. But what I’m thrilled to see, and I’ve noticed this more and more lately, is that women are leading, creating and progressing within the field with greater ease and growing support. I’ve always wanted to attract females to this market, so it’s something I’ve advocated for since Paul and I started Blackhearts & Sparrows over 10 years ago.

It’s difficult for me to mention particular inspirations, but whether it’s a winemaker, viticulturist, brewer, distiller, sales representative, marketing manager, sommelier or restaurateur, it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t struggle to name a wonder woman who’s made a lasting impact in our trade. It’s probably because, just in case you forgot, we have differing – and worthy! – palates and aesthetics. And these can positively shape our ever-diversifying culture.

We’ve still so far to go, especially when you consider what’s been written about recently, but what we can celebrate and acknowledge wholeheartedly today is the effort it takes to be a woman in this industry, and world. Let’s embrace the struggle and juggle we face daily with our family and work lives because it’s so rewarding to have both.

— Jessica Ghaie, co-owner Blackhearts & Sparrows