What We’re Drinking in April

Welcome. Here’s a little insight into what we’re currently psyched about at Blackhearts & Sparrows. Be it an exciting new producer, wines from an excellent vintage or super-rare beers, these are all things which we think you ought to know about.

2017 Frankland Estate ‘Alter Weg’ Riesling
Alter Weg, or ‘old way’ in German, is Frankland Estate’s ode to traditional Riesling production; one that yields complex results of texture and substance. Here, notes of mandarin, lime and white nectarine mark the experience. $32

2015 ​Domaine de la Pépière ‘Clisson’ Muscadet
Melon de Bourgogne from a distinguished Cru, containing a soil type called Granite de Clisson. This is ‘student’ Chablis with an intensity​,​ complexity ​and mineral cut ​to defy Muscadet stereotypes.​ ​$52

2017 Little Reddie Bootleg
Little Reddie’s Bootleg, a misfit blend of Heathcote Nebbiolo and Refosco, Bannockburn Shiraz and Macedon Pinot Noir, is essentially a victim of circumstance; an oddly-assembled – albeit delicious – wine made from fruit that wasn’t required in winemaker Pat Underwood’s other 2017 red blends. But that doesn’t mean it’s inferior in any sense. It’s simply a brilliant avoidance of waste that’s mid-weighted, savoury and so easy to drink. $20

2016 Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Col Fondo, King Valley
Col Fondo, bottled while the wine is still fermenting, is essentially Prosecco’s rustic ancestor. This benchmark example from Dal Zotto is vibrantly textured with notes of lemon drop, barley and zippy sherbet. It’s also a retail exclusive to Blackhearts & Sparrows and A Wine Service. $30

2017 Brian 3 Pinots (375ml)
A collaboration between Peter Dredge (Dr Edge and Meadowbank), Joe Holyman (Stoney Rise) and Mike Bennie (The Wine Front). Here, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris have been employed to create an incredibly refreshing still wine – elegant raspberry leaf, red cherry crunch and savoury spice to taste. $22

2016 Alice Á Olivier de Moor Allocation
Due to hail and frost, Alice and Olivier de Moor’s 2016 yields were even smaller than the minuscule 2015 offer. As a result, the winemakers purchased additional fruit from other appellations for their side label, ‘Vendanguer Masque’. All of these delicious wines will be hitting our shelves soon.

Châteaux Rayas, Fonsalette & des Tours
This collection of incredible cuvées, each made by the reclusive Emmanuel Reynaud, contain superlative perfume, grace, texture and balance; yet with distinctive vineyard- and varietal-based identities. We’re very lucky to have secured these wines and are thrilled to share them with you. Read more here.

Morrison Brewery
A pleasant surprise out of Launceston, Tasmania; Morrison Brewery champion traditional English- and Irish-styled ales that are fantastically malt-driven. They’ll soon be arriving in store and are best drunk at cellar temperature alongside Welsh Rarebit.

Cellar Release La Sirène, Wildflower and Two Metre Tall
We’ve been cellaring some La Sirène ‘Avant Garde Collection’ beers (Bière de Provision, Bière de Cerise, Vin Folie); last year’s Wildflower Gold (Blends #9 and #10); and Two Metre Tall Cleansing Ale. These beers, released later in the month, will show extra development and are ideal with food. They’re complex enough to be treated like wine!

Please email us or contact your neighbourhood store for availabilities.