Beer of the Week: Bridge Road Brewers Bling de Wilde Four Pack

The three Bling de Wilde beers have been fermented using wild/spontaneous yeast cultures from local Chardonnay producers,
A. Rodda, Giaconda and Sorrenberg. These yeasts were harvested from each winery during the 2017 vintage and pitched into oak barrels with unfermented wort from our Bling IPA. Each beer was then fermented and aged for a year on yeast lees before being transferred to tank and dry hopped using the Bling IPA dry hop regime.

Here’s a release we look forward to each year; one which fascinatingly blurs the lines between beer and wine with intriguing results. While the three variations on a theme are, admittedly, complex offerings, they highlight the importance of yeast cultures against a wonderful benchmark beer. Consider this a tasty education.

Beechworth, $28
Available all stores

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior