A Rare Japanese Whisky Offer

Two Japanese whiskies, both extremely rare, available to you right now. But they’re super limited. So if you’re keen on a couple of the most complex, warming drops we have to offer, get in quick.

Suntory Hibiki ’17 Years Old’ Japanese Blended Whisky (Discontinued), $350
On the nose: honey, brown sugar, caramel, juicy pear and flowers. The taste is surprising and complex. Somehow light and rich, very warm with herbal notes, cocoa, and hazelnut. There is also an earthy, salty character, like a blue cheese or a Highland single malt. A bit of water brings out some chocolate. Finish is exceptionally warm and soothing. – distiller.com SOLD OUT

Suntory Yamazaki ‘Aged 18 Years’ Single Malt Whisky, $780
Deep, mature in nature, and very complex. Notes of polished leather, maple syrup, and dark pit fruit, with suggestions of tobacco smoke, wood shavings, and unsweetened chocolate. References to fine old bourbon and ultra-matured pot-still rum provide intrigue. Proof that Japan produces some outstanding, distinctive whiskies. Nicely done! – maltadvocate.com SOLD OUT

Extremely limited. All orders, whether for in-store pick up or delivery, are to be placed via email. Shipping costs will be confirmed in reply.