Beer of the week: New Release Imperial Stouts

A riposte against winter’s cold: four new vintages, and leading local examples, of imperial stout; all supremely balanced and completely satisfying, with their own idiosyncratic identities. Notes from the brewers.

Red Hill Brewery Imperial Stout
Jet black and one to be savoured. The mouth feel is silky smooth, the nose has roasted malt and a touch of caramel. A rich deep mocha and coffee flavour, is accentuated with caramel and smoky flavours. $10

2018 Mornington Peninsula Brewery Imperial Stout
Enticing aromas of coffee and dark chocolate lead into a complex moreish palate. Liquorice, cocoa, and dark fruit flavours are underpinned by a roasted malt finish. $11

Edge Brewing Project ‘Stagger Lee’ Imperial Stout
This 10% imperial stout has somewhat restrained editions of roasted wattleseed and toasted coconut, providing further complexity and complimentary flavours, without overpowering the huge, roasty grain bill. A healthy 90 IBUs of Australian hops keeps the gloopy, rich body in check. $8

2017 Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout
This Imperial Stout is brewed with a complex grist of four dark malts to produce intense flavour, colour and aroma. High levels of hop bitterness ensure balance with the residual malt sweetness. $14

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