Cider of the week: Willie Smith’s Cans

Two of the best ciders, now conveniently in cans, from one of our favourite cider makers. Notes from the producer:

Willie Smith’s ‘Traditional’ Cider
French and British heirloom cider apples contribute complexity, texture, lifted fresh apple aromas and deep honeyed toffee notes to the cider. The front palate is rich and smooth and gives way to a drying grippy finish, making it a cider that is both medium sweet and drying at the same time. $7 each or $22 for four

Willie Smith’s ‘Bone Dry’ Cider
An English-style cider inspired by the traditional dry ciders of Somerset and Herefordshire. Fermented out to dry, it goes through a secondary fermentation that softens the mouthfeel and adds complexity. It is oak-aged and conditioned for 3 months, resulting in a super-dry flavour profile with a smooth clean finish. $7.50 each or $24 for four

Huon Valley, prices as marked
Available all stores

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior