What We’re Drinking in November

Welcome. Here’s a little insight into what we’re currently psyched about at Blackhearts & Sparrows. Be it an exciting new producer, wines from an excellent vintage or super rare beers, these are all things which we think you ought to know about.

2017 Double Bubble Trouble, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Our very own rosé pét-nat made by Ngeringa Vineyards. It’s energetic, vibrant and soon to land on our shelves! $24

2018 Cre Wines Shi-raz, Yarra Valley, Victoria
A lovely summer-weighted, carbo-boosted Shiraz from part-time winemaker (assistant to Gaz Mills at Jamsheed) and full-time hellraiser Jonjo. Chill & Swill. It’s official. $30

2018 Mallaluka Riesling, Hilltops, New South Wales
“Whether it be art, food or music, I like things a little less conventional,” says Sam Leyshon. “And [my] wine is no different – I do try and push boundaries, so to speak, to come up with something interesting.” That’s precisely what he’s done here: a later-picked Riesling, sourced from some end rows grown by the Freeman family, that’s filled with extra palate weight and dimension as a result. It’s marked by honeydew melon, nashi pear, citrus flowers and lime; notes coaxed out via the wine’s incredible gliding texture. $30

2017 Meadowbank Chardonnay, Derwent Valley, Tasmania
Definition and drive. Chiselled acidity through fruit muscle. Top-notch progression of fruit from citrus to nectarine and peach. Extra points for its apparent mission statement calling for restraint and understatement. $48

2017 Gaia Wines ‘4-6H’ Agiorgitiko Rosé, Peloponnese, Greece
Four-to-six hours, hence the name, of skin contact is the method here. One that’s yielded pretty florals, fresh acidity, savoury dried herbs and tart red fruits from Greece’s native Agiorgitiko variety. $26

A 2017 von Hövel Riesling Offer
Mosel Riesling, one of our favourite festive season wines, made by the brilliant Saar-based von Hövel estate. And they’re all from the lauded 2017 vintage. So what’s all the fuss about? Read more here.

Enter.Sake Black Honjozo, Kitashitara-gun, Japan
Remember Richie Hawtin, the techno legend? He’s now a sake samurai, and this is his Honjozo sake – a clean, 65 per cent polished rice offering that’s brimming with lychee, a hint of sweetness and mango and peach. Light and easy-going stuff. 180ml, $22

Red Hill Brewery ‘Hop Pop’ Brut IPA, Red Hill, Victoria
Brut IPA is the Champagne of beers: super dry and crisp yet full of tropical fruit. Light-bodied and fresh with some malty characters throughout. $7

Wildflower Slip, Slop, Slap, Marrickville, New South Wales
We’re so excited to share this new release with you! Here’s a little info from the brewery: Continuously-hopped, barrel-fermented Australian Wild Ale; a test of the biotransformative effects of a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. Hopped heavily in the whirlpool and three separate times mid-fermentation, Slip, Slop, Slap explores our house culture’s ability to bind with raw hop oils and keep them in suspension. $24

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