Beer of the week: Wildflower new releases

Coming to us from Marrickville, NSW, it’s our pleasure to get the latest Wildflower releases in and onto our shelves! With a focus on fermenting beers using their mixed house culture of brewers yeast along with wild indigenous yeast and bacteria, Topher and the team make delicious brews that beautifully balance complexity, funk, acidity, nuance, and subtlety.

Gold Blend #18, $30
A homage to the rustic, provincial ales of Wallonia. Softer, more textural blend. Lifted aromatics of citrus blossom and spice backed by zesty orange, nuttiness, and funk. Brettanomyces brings complexity and highlights lemon citrus and nectarine character.

Amber Blend #18, $30
Rounded and malt-accentuated Australian wild ale. Concentrated with a powerful nose of chocolate, red fruit, and raisin. Beautiful integration of oak and brettanomyces character balanced out by plush red fruits, hazelnut, and cocoa.

As It Were, $24
Barrel-fermented mixed culture ale, heavily hopped with Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Strong aromas of lemon marmalade, lifted spice, sweet hay and spicy hops. Moderate acidity but delightfully crisp with citrus, earthy spice, melon, and bread.

Solera Pull #3, $28
Australian wild ale made with 30% NSW raw spelt, fermented with house culture, and aged in a 2,400 litre foudre (large oak barrel). Successive pulls from the barrel document the development of the beer, and this is #3! Elegant with aromas of dried flowers, spice, and sweet mandarin. Smooth and integrated palate with earthy spice, citrus, spelt grain, and a funky grapefruit acidity.

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