Low booze brews, baby!

We here at Blackhearts & Sparrows are quite happily purveyors of all things wine, beer, and spirits, but we acknowledge that it’s not always feasible to partake in these things all of the time.

Whether it’s because you over-indulged over the festive period, you don’t drink alcohol, or you want to be able to enjoy more than two beers in a row without having to re-organise your whole life around it, we’re here for you.

Cherry, our beer buyer, has thoughtfully curated a list of some delicious alcohol-free and mid-strength brews to see you through your Feb-fast, AFD (alcohol free day), or just when you want all of the flavour with none of the fuzziness.

At the lowest end of the booze-free spectrum, we have the delicious Weihenstephaner Alkoholfree and Brewdog Raspberry Blitz. Coming in at 0.5% abv and under, these are technically alcohol free brews (don’t believe us? Even apple juice can have up to 0.38% of alcohol!), and are incredibly delicious. Weihenstephan has captured everything you’d want from a German wheat beer without the alcohol, and you could easily mistake the Raspberry Blitz as a typical kettle-soured brew if you weren’t told otherwise.

Then we head into a nice mid-ground before the mid-strengths: à Bloc x Burnley Brewing’s Ultralight IPA, which comes in at an incredibly low 1.2%. This collaboration is marketed as a sports beer, but not in the way you may think: it’s for “sport enthusiasts who want to imbibe while maintaining peak athletic performance”. It doesn’t matter if your sport is cycling, running, or a casual game of Mario Kart – this will see you through, focussed and in fine form.

And thus we end at the gateway to the full-strength beer world: the mid-strengths! Ranging from 2.9% to 4.2% abv, these beers bring a full thwack of flavour while keeping the alcohol percentage relatively low. We’ve had a couple of staples in this bracket for a number of years by way of Prickly Moses Otway Light and Pirate Life Throwback IPA, but there’s also some new players on the block with Balter’s Captain Sensible and Otherside’s Festive Ale.

It’s a great time to be a beer drinker in Australia – even more so when you can imbibe delicious beverages that just so happen to be a bit lower in alcohol. These brews are great ones to have in your arsenal even if you’re not cutting booze out of your diet, so what are you waiting for – pop into store and pick some up!

à Bloc x Burnley Ultralight IPA (1.2%)
$4 ea or $18/6pk

Pirate Life Throwback IPA (3.5%) 
$4.50 ea or $22/6pk

Brewdog Raspberry Blitz Alcohol-Free Sour (0.5%)
$4 ea or $14/4pk

Otherside Brewery Festive Ale (4.2%)
$5.50 ea or $18/4pk

Balter Captain Sensible (3.5%)
$4.50 ea or $14/4pk

Weihenstephan Alkoholfree (0.5%)
$5 ea

Prickly Moses Otway Light (2.9%)
$3 ea or $15/4pk