Bang for Buck: Mountain Distilling Co. Gin & Tonic

We’ve never really dabbled with pre-mix drinks here at Blackhearts and Sparrows, but when Mountain Distilling Company from Macedon – whose delicious craft gin we already stock – popped in with their cute little G & T cans, how could we say no!?

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of tasting their Mountain Distilling Co. Gin, trust us when we say that these stay super faithful to the gin (no washed out, sugary tonic in play here!) – pine needle and pepper berries are the hero botanicals here that suck you in, and before you know it, you’re awash in refreshing citrus peel and lemon myrtle.

Chill them down hard so they’re nice and crispy-cold for the ultimate G & T refreshment, anytime and anywhere!

Macedon, $9 ea, $30/4pk

Available all stores.

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior