Brunswick BYO guide

Dan, the charismatic manager of our Brunswick store, has taken the time to give some of his favourite local BYO recommendations!

Sydney Road, for the uninitiated, is a veritable cornucopia of diversity, especially when it comes to the array of dining options available. We’ve selected three different options for your dining pleasure, replete with a few spectacular wine-ing options to get the most out of  an evening spent embracing delicious nosh, good banter & some wines that will make you go yummmmmm ( I tried a C+C Music Factory reference there, and think it might just descend to earth faster than a led balloon, if you were born from 1995 on wards). I digress. Let’s talk food & wine shall we?


What to eat & drink:

  • Salt & Pepper Calamari (Tofu is also available if you prefer a Vegetarian option)
    • Dominique Portet Brut Rose $35
  • Fish Cooked in Hot Pot
    • 2018 Jamsheed Beechworth Roussanne $36
  • Vietnamese Traditional Sizzling Beef (with all the Vietnamese spring roll accoutrements)
    • 2015 Maxime Graillot Crozes-Hermitage Domaine Des Lises $70


What to eat & drink:

  • Chicken Larb
    • Thierry Germain Cep by Cep Anjou Chenin Blanc $32
  • Stir Fried Crispy Pork with vegetables & chilli
    • Hauner Bianco Inzolia & Cattarato $36
  • Red Duck Curry
    • Terrason Swallowfield Pinot Noir $38


This last one will require a little bit of planning as VGF are not licensed, nor are they BYO. We suggest grabbing a picnic blanket and jumping down to a local park, or if the weather is a little too cold, wet or both (let’s face it, it is Melbourne. Can’t believe I just made a Melbourne weather joke. I’ve been here five years, people. It’s the weather – deal with it!) bring the deliciousness home.

What to eat & drink:

The menu at this famous Sydney Road institution is limited, so order everything. Yes, everything. Grab a few cans of Garage Project Bliss Lager ($5.5/17 for a 4 pack); A bottle of the Express Wine Makers Drinking Wine chilled red blend ($28) & a bottle of the Mauricio Gonzales Pipeño País ($36).