Prahran BYO guide

Paul, the manager of our Prahran Market store, has undertaken the (very hard) task for you, of tasting his way through some of the best that Prahran Market has to offer, and pairing it with some delectable treats from the Blackhearts & Sparrows range. It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it.

Next time you’re over South Yarra way, take some of his recommendations, pick up something delicious from Blackhearts, and make the most of all that Prahran Market has to offer!


Our friends at Maker and Monger, headed by master affineur Anthony Femia, have a wonderful range of cheeses to take home, and some addictively delicious toasties to eat in. Here are a couple of our favourites with some drinks to match.

  • Flaming Reuben Toasty (Q le Baker Kingbrot rye bread, mustard, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, Robbin’s Island wagyu brisket pastrami, cheese)
    • La Trappe Dubbel 750ml, $15
    • Bruny Island Oxymoron Dark Pale Ale 500ml, $12
    • 2017 Millton ‘Te Arai’ Chenin Blanc, $30
    • 2017 Sigurd White Blend (Riesling, Garganega, Gewurz, Viognier), $35
  • Saint Maure by Sevre et Belle (fresh goats milk cheese from the Loire Valley. Buttery, soft with a gently acidic flavour)
    • 2017 Goisot ‘Exogyra Virgula’ Sauvignon de St Bris, $50
    • 2017 Jayden Ong ‘Chestnut Hill’ Sauvignon Blanc, $34
  • Marcel Petite Comte Reservation (Raw cows’ milk comte, Jura. 18-24 months old, super concentrated flavour and dense texture)
    • 2017 Dominique Piron Fleurie Beaujolais, $40
    • 2016 Domaine de la Renardiére Arbois Pupillin Ploussard, $50
  • Epoisses Coupe (Washed rind cows’ milk, Burgundy)
    • 2017 Montalto ‘Pennon Hill’ Chardonnay, $32
    • 2015 Hubert Lamy St Aubin ‘La Princee’ 375ml, $62


An institution at the Prahran Market. They specialise in grass-fed, dry-aged beef and saltbush lamb.

  • Dry Aged Beef Rib Eye, Cape Grim, TAS (Dry ageing allows the enzymes in the beef to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in a tender, flavoursome steak)
    • 2016 Lamoresca Vino Rosso Nero d’Avola Frappato, $50
    • 2014 Cosse Maisonneuve Le Combal Malbec, $40
  • Wagyu Beef, Robin Island, TAS (Intense white marbling results in a flavour second to none!)
    • 2015 Leroy Maison Bourgogne Rouge, $140
    • 2014 Hauner Salina Rosso Nerello Blend, $36
  • Dorper Saltbush Lamb, SA (The lamb feeds on the saltbush, which essentially pre-seasons the meat. The breed originated in South Africa so they have adapted to the dry Australian climate, and they breed all year round so no two tooth, only fresh lamb!)
    • 2012 Piero Benevelli Barolo Ravera, $68
    • 2017 Gravity Wine Co. Syrah, $26


Our nearest and dearest neighbours at the market, this patisserie-boulangerie specialise in wholemeal and sourdough, using wild yeast, and flours sourced from local farmers and millers. The end results are sophisticated, conscious, and utterly delicious.

  • Fougasse (traditionally from Provence, this is a flat bread slashed into a pattern resembling an ear of wheat. Q Le BAKER’s is made with baguette sourdough and filled with marinated olives, topped with Emmental cheese)
    • 2017 Triennes Rosé, $25
    • NV Jo Landron Atmosphere Sparkling Folie Blance, $42
    • Burnley Brewing Co. Vienna Lager, $6.50/$20 for 4pk
  • Kipfler Potato & Raclette Danish (a take on the Gratin Dauphinois topped with a layer of Raclette cheese, sitting on a bed of croissant dough)
    • 2017 Goisot Aligoté, $42
    • 2018 Gentle Folk Blossoms Pinot Noir, $36
  • Rye & Millet Brownie (Very rich and dense, made with rye flour and millet groats. It’s nut-free and more of a slab of sheer decadence than your traditional brownie)
    • Pfeiffer Classic Rutherglen Muscat, $32
    • 1987 Toro Albala Pedro Ximenez Sherry Gran Riserva 375ml, $65