Beers of the Week: Bruny Island Brewing Co. seasonal releases

It’s always an exciting time when we get new beers from our favourite cheese-making/beer-brewing producer down on Bruny Island – Bruny Island Brewing Co.! These seasonal releases sit up beautifully against the rest of their core range in store, but we recommend you jump in them quickly before they’re all gone!

Bruny Island Fresh Hop Harvest, $13
It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what this Fresh Hop Harvest beer entails – but we’re going to tell you anyway! Pitched as a ’strong pale ale’, Tasmanian-grown Cascade hops are the star for this year’s brew, backed up by a 50/50 blend of local pale and imported Munich malts creating a deliciously round base. This is balanced, well-integrated, and delightfully hop-forward.

Bruny Island Bruny Black, $13
A delicious dark ale that delicately balances the delightful drive of malt with Cascade and Ella hops (Tasmanian-grown, of course!). Enough bitterness and weight to sit up against a hearty meal, while its hop-driven subtle citrus and spice makes it perfect for a winter-afternoon tipple on its own.

Limited stock, please contact your neighbourhood store or email us at for availability.

Prices are valid for two weeks unless sold out prior