Beers of the Week: Van Dieman Brewing releases

All the way from the family farm in Northern Tasmania, we have some deliciously unique beers courtesy of Will Tatchell at Van Dieman Brewing. Taking inspiration from the farmhouse ales in France and Belgium, these are beers that originate at the farm level – the majority of grains, hops, and water are sourced from the estate, with the end brews speaking to terroir in an incredibly holistic way.

Add to that the inclusion of foraged wild flora, fruit, and whatever other delicious things they can get their hands on, and you have what Van Dieman are steadily growing a reputation for: diverse, interesting, and complex beers that speak beautifully of time and place.

Edward Estate Ale, $13
Their take on a farmhouse ale – produced entirely from ingredients grown on their farm. Bone dry, light, fresh, effervescent, with citrus and melon notes from the hops.

Max Estate Ale, $13
Inspired by the French and Belgian saisons, this neat spring saison speaks beautifully to the style’s origins while remaining truly Tasmanian. Zippy, fresh, bitter and dry.

Loquacious Loquat Wild Ale, $15
Delicious mixed fermentation beer that starts out with a pale base malt, white wheat, freshly picked Super Pride Hops, and 30kg of freshly pulped Loquats, before spending three years in barrel. Before bottling, it’s blended with their Estate Blonde, freshening it up and giving balance and finesse. Easy-drinking, fruity, bright, and funky.

Hedgerow Barrel Aged Sour, $16
Flanders-style red ale that spends time in barrel on sloe berries, hawthorn berries, and rosehip – all hand-collected from hedgerows on the farm. This is a superb blend of one, two, and three year old versions of the brew. Tart raspberry and dark cherry upfront, with an earthy woodiness and subtle malt sweetness. Complex and delicious.

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