Artist and c3 Director Jon Butt

Shae Colley, God TRAP, 2017

Alexandra Nemaric, Never Rich, 2017

MJ Flamiano, Lesley Ann Cao, Czar Kristoff, Of Sampaguita, Ilang-Ilang, 2019

c3 Contemporary Art Space & the ACF

When Blackhearts & Sparrows opened its first store, the goal was to create an environment that changed the notion of what shopping at a specialist wine store was all about, to de-mystify and democratise the experience, and connect with the local community. Years (and a few more stores) later, our goal remains the same – our focus is on connection, community, and sharing delicious things.

With this in mind, we make an effort to connect with local businesses and community groups who we believe are doing great things, and find ways to collaborate and support them wherever possible. One partnership we’re particularly enthused about is that with the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) – especially our support of the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space.

Situated in the basement of the iconic Convent building, c3 Contemporary Art Space is a not for profit gallery and Artist Run Initiative, managed by the ACF. It was established in 2008 as the precinct’s first permanent exhibition space, and built by hand with the generous support of local artists and businesses, using donated materials and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. 

Artist and Director Jon Butt has played a crucial part at c3 since well before day one –he’s been involved in community-driven arts and artist run initiatives for 20 years now, and he put that wealth of experience to good work by setting up a progressive and sustainable program at the gallery.

The exhibitions held at the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space are unique and challenging, with the broad artist brief encouraging risk and experimentation. The challenge of establishing a gallery within a National Heritage Listed ex-monastic building immediately sets c3 apart from a typical gallery. From the beginning, the layout has been designed to work within the surrounding heritage fabric – as such, the way that the art, the artists, and the audience members are able to move through and engage with the space allows for fascinating explorations, challenges, and interactions.

As part of the Abbotsford Convent, the lifeblood of the c3 Contemporary Art Space is its community – incorporating elements of traditional publicly funded galleries and that of an artist-run model. As the ACF is a not for profit organisation, the ongoing sustainability and development of the gallery is supported by exhibition fees, private donations, partners and sponsorships, and annual fundraising exhibitions. Artists who donate work to the annual fundraiser receive 50% of proceeds raised from the sale of their work, with the remainder helping to lower exhibition fees for the following year.   

These fundraisers and exhibition launches are the perfect opportunities for the artists and art-lovers to come together, and it’s our great pleasure to be able to facilitate the good times with some of our delicious Gate Series wines. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go give the folks at the Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space a visit, take in the amazing array of multi-disciplinary art, and make sure you pop along to their next exhibition launch to take part in some of the delicious libations and conversation.

THE UTOPIAN OBJECT – c3 Annual Fundraiser
OPENING LAUNCH: 25 July, 6-8pm
25 July –11 August 2019: 10am–5pm, Wednesday – Sunday