Beer of the Week: Molly Rose Can release

All-around good guy Nic Sandery over at Molly Rose has been brewing beer for some time now (remember that delicious Strawberry Tom sour? Phwoar) – but since opening up his tap room in Collingwood he’s been steaming full speed ahead. These are his first beers to be released in can, but if the quality of these are anything to go by, they definitely won’t be the last.

Kuro (Japanese Dark Lager), $6/$20 4pk
Inspired by the balance of sweet and savoury that can be so delicately handled in Japanese food, this brew uses Applewood smoked malt and kombu stock (made in-house) to utilise the sweet/savoury theory and bring it into a well-balanced dark lager.

Electrified IPA, $6.5/$22 4pk
According to Nic, this was always going to be the first. Slightly lower bitterness and ABV than your typical resinous IPA, but still with brewery-fresh hop character and zippy citrus, tropical, and floral notes.

Mr Dark (Hoppy Dark Ale), $6/$20 4pk
Who can say it better than the brewer? “This beer appeared in my mind on a cold night when I was driving home and wondering why I didn’t have any dark beers yet… I wanted it to be dark but not black or roasty, and wanted it to be hopped up but not bitter. Is it a choc NEIPA? Nahhh of course not, it’s a hoppy dark ale.”

Collingwood, prices as marked
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