Beer of the Week: Wolf of the Willows Imperial JSP

A beer and a whisky walk into a brewery… it’s a perfect set up for a bad joke, but also a great set up for a delicious brew! It’s our pleasure to welcome Wolf of the Willow 2019 release of their Imperial JSP (Johnny Smoke Porter), aged in Lark Distillery’s whisky barrels. While there are a number of barrel-programs these days, the folks at Wolf of the Willows have the unique pleasure of going to the distillery to select the barrels themselves. They’re then shipped across to the mainland (with a solid splash of whisky still in them, of course), and very quickly filled with beer.

The best part of this whole exchange? It’s an ongoing ping pong game (or tennis, or badminton, choose your preferred sports ball analogy) – once the beer is out and bottled, the barrels are then sent back to Lark to be re-filled with whisky, and so on and so forth, ad finitum. This year’s release has a nice whack of extra weight to it, with a beautiful peaty edge, and a beautifully luxurious palate of chocolate, molasses, vanilla, and spirit character. Perfect to sit down by the fire with and while away the last month of winter.

Cheltenham, $19
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