In collaboration with Hunted + Gathered… a Blackhearts chocolate!

It’s our great pleasure to collaborate with the lovely people over at Hunted + Gathered. We’ve been stocking their delicious chocolates for some time now, so we thought it would be a nice opportunity to collaborate (as we love to do with wine, beer, and spirits), and bring a new a delectable chocolate combo into the fold!

Hunted + Gathered was founded in 2012, moved into their Cremorne warehouse space in 2014, and opened their doors to the public in 2017 with the launch of their coffee shop (just in front of the chocolate factory).

Owners Harry and Charlie Nissen came to chocolate through a fascination with the process of food production – and a realisation that, at the time, many of the chocolates on the market had fillers, emulsifiers, and additives that were unnecessary for chocolate production. Over time, they finessed their own chocolate recipe using quality cacao and minimal additional ingredients, and slowly built a following amongst family and friends, before officially founding Hunted + Gathered.

With this quality-focussed approach, they’ve made a point of making sure they know where their raw materials come from – as they put it “It’s really important that we know where our ingredients come from and that we have a good relationship with the producers we work with.” This involves sourcing cacao beans from traceable producers in Africa, Central and South America, as well as supporting other small local businesses where possible, with additional inclusion ingredients coming from like-minded organic producers within Australia.

All of this hard work thoroughly pays off, with their single origin chocolates speaking uniquely of the origin – and their flavoured chocolates bringing a little flash of something different and delicious.

For the Blackhearts & Sparrows x Hunted + Gathered collab (how’s that for symbol overload?), we’ve taken inspiration from owners Paul & Jess Ghaie’s Indian heritage, and created a chai-inspired chocolate with cacao from the Dominican Republic. Roasted coconut, cardamom, clove, and pepper come together to create a delicious, textural, and spicy chocolate. Perfect for that end of night chocolate treat (or for any time of the day or night, to be honest).

Available all stores, with special tasting events and some in-store samples at selected stores. $7.50. Delish!