Ela Melbourne x Blackhearts & Sparrows – Dinner and a Show

We’re thrilled to announce a collaborative set of dinners with Ella Mittas of Ela Melbourne spanning four Saturday nights in November.

This will be a beautiful series of seasonal, three-course meals, alongside a wine list curated by us (and help from Pat Underwood of Little Reddie) – with each night featuring a different musical performance.

As well as being a phenomenal cook, Ella also works within the Blackhearts & Sparrows stores, and we took an opportunity to learn a little bit more about her process:

All of your dinner events tend to be quite conceptual and multi-faceted, whether it’s across art, music, or further afield. What’s your rationale behind creating these events, and what experiences do you hope to create for the attendees?

There’s a couple of reasons I make events like this. The first is that when I started putting on events, I wanted to create as much of a community as possible, I thought the best way to do that was to invite as many of my creative friends as I could to collaborate. From designers to musicians to winemakers, I like having everyone participate and then attend the dinners too. It’s a way of involving attendees so that they can meet everyone involved, I think that makes the events more inviting.

Initially, I started these dinners because I’d been working in Greece and Turkey and I wanted to recreate some of the places that I’d been. I guess that’s where the concept started. I tried to recreate tavernas that I’d been in, to share with people everything I learnt about traditional food, music and wine. I think primarily that’s what working in food and wine has been about for me, sharing knowledge and getting people excited with things I’ve found.  So that would be the second reason, I like researching ideas as much as I can to present to people. I want people to have a really unique experience, and to leave having been introduced to something new.


Cams Kiosk
1 Saint Heliers Street, Abbotsford
Fridays in November // 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd  2019 // 6:30pm onwards
Tickets $69.66 (incl booking fee) – available via this link

2nd November – Music in Exile featuring Ajak Kwai
9th November – Steph and Al (Dick Diver)
16th November – Martin Frawley
23rd November – Jess Ribeiro

Ticket price includes a generous three-course sharing menu. All dietary requirements catered for. Drinks available to purchase on the night.