Mix Six Beer October: A Two Metre Tall Special


When our beer and cider manager, Alex, journeyed down to Two Metre Tall in February, he returned in awe of what brewer Ashley Huntington presented. He recounted stories – full of what seemed to be hyperbole – about weird concoctions, forgotten brews and seriously exciting experiments that, until we were actually able to taste for ourselves, sounded pretty crazy. We shouldn’t have considered such silly thoughts. Our Alex has a magnificent palate and Ashley, of course, is a genius as these beers will attest.

Two Metre Tall ‘Cleansing Ale’ (Brew date: 16/06/16)
Two Metre Tall ‘Cleansing Ale’ (Brew date: 01/03/17)
Two Metre Tall Sour Cherry Ale
Two Metre Tall ‘Seven Years at Sea’
Two Metre Tall ‘Salty Sea’ Stout
Two Metre Tall ‘Lacto Black’

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