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Mix Six Beer April: The Forager’s Pack

This month, we’ve foraged far and wide to deliver you a selection of beers filled with Autumnal ingredients. From wild berries and mushrooms to strange yeast cultures, take a journey down our misty forest of earthly delights.

The Wild Beer Co ‘Breakfast of Champignons’
From Somerset, England comes a wild ale brewed with Penny Bun (Porcini) mushrooms and vanilla pods. Driven by numerous wild yeast strains, this is a soured beer which is peppery, zesty and earthy on the nose; before a burst of dried apple and some extra spice on the palate. While not as rich as one may expect, the flavour complexities still provide a captivating result.
Somerset, $10

Bridge Road Brewers ‘Mayday Hills’ Black and Blue
Akin to their preceding incarnations, both of these beers start with the same base – a 6.5% pale ale brett-fermented in American oak Foeder – and finish with a select local ingredient which accentuates the tropical, full and pillowy texture already present. In this case, 100kg of both blueberries and blackberries from Ovens Valley were employed in two seperate re-ferments to complete the task. While the former batch displays more vibrancy and tartness, the latter is a little more restrained and savoury. A truly impressive formula from Bridge Road Brewers.
Beechworth, $13

Lervig x Lindheim x Mikkeller ‘Pop That Cherry’
This is what happens when three titans of Scandinavian brewing collaborate on a special beer. It’s a lively number and Flanders-inspired to say the least. Notes from the brewers:

This cherry beer was brewed using a turbid mash as they do in lambic production and fermented with various yeasts and cultures to impart a pleasant tartness without being too puckering. Kirsebær juice from Lindheim’s farm in Telemark (southern Norway) provides the intense sour cherry flavour that dominates this beer. This beer tastes beautifully today, but can be stored for years as the cultures will continue to do their thing, and further develop the complexity.
Norway/Denmark, $25

Moon Dog ‘Del Polka Vista’
Here’s a super-fun sour wild ale which has been brewed with selected ‘fruits of the forest’. Think wild berries, spice, bright acidity and an incredibly vibrant purple hue. At 6.8% ABV, this is certainly one for sharing. Thanks for never changing, Moon Dog.
Melbourne, $25

To Øl ‘Don’t Gose Towards The Light’
A seriously punny beer which may or may not pay homage to Vincent van Gogh. Here, dark malts (as opposed to pale) combine with an abundance of blackcurrants to reveal a cold weather-friendly gose beer. Salty, sour, sweet and bitter; this balanced umami bomb is a trendy beer lover’s delight.
Copenhagen, $7

Founders Brewing Co. ‘Frootwood’
An Australian debut for Founders’ ‘Frootwood’, and boy is it a good one. This Belgian-styled and slightly soured cherry beer has been aged in ex-bourbon and maple syrup (yes, maple syrup) barrels. As the cherry element remains front and centre, characters of earth, vanilla, coconut and maple-derived sweetness accompany to make this an absolutely delicious beer.
Colorado, $9.50

$75, save over 15%

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