Mix Six Beer October: A Two Metre Tall Special

Alex, our beer and cider manager, journeyed down to Two Metre Tall in February and returned in awe of what brewer Ashley Huntington presented. He recounted stories – full of what seemed to be hyperbole – about weird concoctions, forgotten brews and seriously exciting experiments that, until we were actually able to taste for ourselves, sounded pretty crazy. We shouldn’t have considered such silly thoughts. Our Alex has a magnificent palate and Ashley, of course, is a genius as these beers attest.

Two Metre Tall ‘Cleansing Ale’ (Brew date: 16/06/16)
Extended ageing in our dark cellar has imparted intricacies and complexities upon this beer which we’re thrilled to see. What started out as an aromatic, crisp and hop-driven ale has developed into an offering that now shows sour citrus amongst earthy spice and saline. It’s rounded, harmonious and still quite highly carbonated.
Tasmania, $12

Two Metre Tall ‘Cleansing Ale’ (Brew date: 01/03/17)
Like last year’s release, Ashley has aged this batch for an additional six months for us, as we love the additional character it gains with a bit of time in bottle. While it’s still considerably fresh and primary to taste, the evolution of indigenous yeasts have begun to transform the beer’s initial structure – here you’ll find lemon blossom and acidity; a light, savoury hop profile; and moreish umami flavours.
Tasmania, $10

Two Metre Tall Sour Cherry Ale
In short, this beer is comprised of variously-aged-spontaneous-farmhouse ales that were aged with 2015 Morello cherries for 18 months. “It was like liquid cherry ripe; layers of dark chocolate, cherry flesh, marzipan, coconut”, recalls Alex, upon reflection. “Definitely not sweet and not overly rich – very balanced and annoyingly easy to drink”.
Tasmania, $38

Two Metre Tall ‘Seven Years at Sea’
“A seven-year-old dark ale brewed with oysters in 2010”, explains Ashley. “I’m on record recently as saying this is the best thing we’ve released. Sooo complex!” In light of this praise, it’s absurd to think that this beer was actually forgotten about and, as a result, was allowed to evolve at its own leisure. The interplay between sweet and savoury flavours, salinity and acidity (yes, it’s a sour beer) is something to behold. It’s honestly hard to explain so we urge you to do yourselves a favour and taste it asap.
Tasmania, $44

Two Metre Tall ‘Salty Sea’ Stout
So, here’s a stout that was brewed with mussels, oysters, seaweed and seawater all at once. As you might imagine, it’s super savoury and has extracted a chalky – structure giving – component that works seamlessly with more commonly-expected characters like coffee and raw cacao. Ashley advises us that “it’s amazing with grilled meats” and we definitely concur.
Tasmania, $10

Two Metre Tall ‘Lacto Black’
A wild-fermented, barrel-aged dark ale that has naturally-soured over it’s 15 month lifespan. Pours dark with a reddish hue and contains notes of cherries, tart red fruits and dark malts. Try this one in a big wine glass with some stinky cheese for extremely-satisfying results.
Tasmania, $14

$108 save over 15%