Mix Three Beer November: Anything Gueuze

Indeed, this month we’re championing quality over quantity and what that means for you is this: three benchmark lambic beers from the finest producers in the category. Here, you’ll find a few different ingredients, quirks and techniques which have been carefully championed to create unique products of classy distinction. Enjoy them now or cellar for extra depth of flavour.

Lindemans Ginger Gueze
This, from Lindemans’ experimental ‘Botanical’ series, utilises fresh ginger in a subtle – yet enhancing – manner. It tastes like a sour beer and feels like a sour beer, however, the extra aroma and spice which the key ingredient imparts allows for some intriguing drinkability. To wit, the beer was probably brewed with food and deep thought in mind, but it really goes down like a treat. Try not to drink this one too quickly.
Vlezenbeek, $42

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek
While ‘Oude Kriek’ is widely produced in the world of barrel-fermented sour beer, this iteration from 3 Fonteinen distinguishes itself with one peculiar difference: the cherries are aged in young lambic for six to eight months. As such, the final blend is obviously more potent and concentrated than a usual offering, but what we love most about this is its savoury-spice spectrum. Amongst the complex fruit notes are hints of acetate, earthy oak and quality structure. A superlative example that’s definitely age-worthy.
Beersel, $50

Boon ‘Black Label’ Edition No. 3
Boon, based in the Belgian town of Lembeek, originally produced this beer to commemorate their 40th birthday in 2015. And like the previous editions, it combines one, two and three-year-old cuvées, ensuring a similarly dry and textural profile but, rather than the citrus and floral notes which are usually associated with this brewery’s output, there’s more savoury depth here. It’s subtly oaky, funky and fuller in body than you might expect. One to drink alongside a big cheese platter.
Lembeek, $29

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