Bang for Buck: Valdespino ‘Deliciosa’ Manzanilla Sherry

Sherry, we often find, can generate wide-ranging – and often misled – opinions. Yes, some of it is the gross stuff your grandparents used to sip on; yes, it can be disregarded as an irregularly-used cooking ingredient; and yes, one style is indulgently sweet.

But the truth, without going into too much detail (you can find lots of information here), is that good, authentic sherry is one of the wine world’s biggest bargains. And this, the ‘Deliciosa’ Manzanilla from Valdespino, is the perfect case in point: it’s brilliantly dry and saline, while filled with complex notes of citrus peel, green apple, roasted nuts and olive brine that are both incredible to smell and taste. Grab some fleshy green olives and the best anchovies you can find to match.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, $18
Available all stores

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior