Beers of the Week: Stout Mania!

It’s officially Winter (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, that is), and dark beer makes a heck of a match for those chilly days and nights. These are perfect beers to share with some friends in front of a roaring fire (or by yourself in front a heater while watching a video of a roaring fire on a laptop – it’s entirely up to you)!

Co-Conspirators The Apprentice Chocolate Milk Stout ($6.5/$20 4pk)
The lovely folks at Co-Conspirators always make characterful beers (literally), and The Apprentice is no exception. Using chocolate from Ratio Cocoa Roasters, alongside oats, roasted barley, cacao nibs, and lactose, this is a smooth, full-bodied, and utterly delicious milk stout.

Moon Dog Brewery Cake Hole Black Forest Choc Vanilla Cake Stout ($6/$20 4pk)
There are a bunch of inventive names given to the human mouth, but we’ve got to admit – Cake Hole is probably one of the best. And what better to put in YOUR cake hole than a Black Forest Cake inspired stout full of sour cherries, cacao, vanilla, and malty goodness?

Mr Banks Oatmeal Stout ($6/$22 4pk)
All the way from Seaford, Mr Banks are bringing the goods with their seasonal stout this winter. Creamy and full-bodied with a nice whack of oat in the brewing process, rounding it all out. Lush chocolate, American hops, great drinking.

Founders Brewing KBS – Kentucky Breakfast Stout ($18)
Over in the US, Founders do a hell of a job brewing delicious beers, and their KBS holds a special place amongst their range – and in our hearts. They take an imperial stout which has been brewed with large quantities of coffee and chocolate, then pop it in Bourbon barrels and cave-age it for a year.

Mountain Goat x Garage Project Horn Please Imperial Chili Chai Stout ($14)
A collaboration between two breweries who aren’t known for doing anything by halves. This is a chai infused milk stout using a blend of ten different malts, lactose, masala chai (courtesy of Chai Addict), habanero chillies, and home-grown ghost chillies courtesy of one of Mountain Goat’s brewers! Smooth & velvety with chocolate, coffee, chai spice, and subtle chilli heat – quite a ride, and one you’ll definitely enjoy.


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