Wine of the week: 2017 Ravensworth Rosé de Florete

Remember that 2017 Grafted rosé from Ravensworth that we all had the pleasure of drinking at the end of 2017? Remember how delicious that lil Nebbiolo-based number MADE JUST FOR US from all-around good guy Bryan Martin over in Canberra was? Surely it couldn’t have somehow become more delicious, right? Well THINK AGAIN!

Three very lucky barrels of that particular cuvée got to stay in the winery and spend some time under a beautiful flor (a thin film of yeast common in sherry making which protects the wine from oxidation and can give a delightfully nutty edge) – which we all now get to enjoy.

Think preserved quince, earthy spice, and a nice amontillado-like nutty edge – and it will do its best work when paired with anything ‘fatty and salty’, preferably eaten with your figures!

Murrumbateman, $44
Limited stock across stores (arrival to TAS & ACT may be delayed)

Price is valid for two weeks unless sold out prior