Beer of the Week: Future Mountain Brewery

If you’re particularly attuned to rumblings in the beer world, you may have heard of Future Mountain Brewery – a little brewery out in Reservoir who have been doing all sorts of delicious farmhouse ales and barrel-aged sours. With this – their first bottle release – it’s our great pleasure to be able to welcome their tasty brews into our stores and into your glass at home!

Incantation, $12
Delicate and light farmhouse table beer, brewed with pilsner malt, flaked wheat and oats, all fermented with farmhouse yeast culture. Dry and effervescent with an earthy finish.

Force of Nature, $14
A unique interpretation of an old-world farmhouse ale, fermented using a blend of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts cultivated in the Future Mountain lab. A subtly tart beer with notes of orange citrus and a medium dry finish.

Alameda, $17
A selection of barrel-aged golden sour beers that were aged in oak before blending. Hints of pineapple, stone fruit, and pear with moderate acidity.

Memoria, $18
Delightful golden sour beer, aged in oak barrels over spent apricots previously used in their season apricot sour beer (recycle, baby!). This beer has a beautifully bright acidity and mild stone fruit character.

Series of Dreams, $21
Golden sour ale that spends some quality time with Yarra Valley raspberries. Pours a beautiful bright red with a jammy aroma, balanced acidity, and great raspberry flavour.

Want to learn more about Future Mountain? Head over to the article we wrote after our first visit back in June!

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