Beer of the Week: Two Metre Tall new releases

To say that Two Metre Tall is a unique brewery is something of an understatement – Ashley and Jane Huntington moved to Tasmania many years ago with the intention of making wine, and instead got well and truly consumed by brewing. Their farm ales are a combination of mixed and wild fermentation and are made to age beautifully, developing acidity and sour complexity as they go along.

Two Metre Tall ‘Pumpkin Ale’, $32
A wild-fermented ale with half the base from whole, locally grown pumpkins, with malted Tasmanian barley making up the rest of the brew. Portions of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 brews were then blended and bottled, resulting in an incredibly complex and refreshing with a zippy citrus acidity. As they are wont to do, it seems like Two Metre Tall have created yet another new category: Lambic-inspired Pumpkin Ale… because why not?

Two Metre Tall ‘Black Snake’, $28
Back in 2016, Restaurant Noma commissioned Ashley & Jane at Two Metre Tall to create a beverage for their Sydney residency – their response was a new take on the ’Snakebite’, the result of blending cider and ale. This new release, ‘Black Snake’ is continues along that theme, this time with a black ale that’s blended with three year-old barrel-aged cider prior to a further three months maturation in former red wine barrels. It’s lightly sparkling, complex, refreshing, and delicious.

Two Metre Tall ‘Tom’, $44
A charismatic wine importer, an incredibly tall beer brewer, and a passionate winemaker walk into a bar… sounds like a setup for a rubbish joke, but in this particular scenario it’s the catalyst for this delicious beverage! Two Metre Tall’s naturally-soured base spelt ale is then fermented on the lees from Tom Shobbrook’s Muscat a Petit Grains, before being matured in a 100-yr old fortified wine barrel from the Barossa Valley – it then sees fifteen months in bottle prior to release. (Limited magnums also available, $88)

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