Beer of the Week: Wildflower ‘Foggy Morning’

Wildflower by name, Wildflower by nature – the goal at this Sydney-based brewery has always been to use local ingredients, with their house yeast culture even being originally captured from native flora around New South Wales. With this provenance-based focus, Topher at Wildflower has run into some limitations (especially with the bulk of malted grains used in Australia historically being imported), but thanks to Voyager Craft Malt in Riverina (NSW), he was able to secure the inaugural batch of 100% Stringy Bark smoked malt.

Taking inspiration from the smoked beers of Bamburg in Germany, this beer is made entirely using smoked malt (rather than using it as an addition to a broader malt bill), hopped with Saaz hops, fermented with their house culture, aged in barrel for two months, and bottle conditioned for close to four months. The resulting brew is unlike anything that Wildflower has released before, and a unique addition in the Australian beer market in general.

In the poetic words of the brewer himself, “The aroma is reminiscent of waking up next to a burned down fire and catching a breeze of embers still alight deep in the ash, throwing on the jumper you were wearing the night before and taking a deep breath in.” This brew is a fascinating expression of the smoked Stringy Bark alongside the Wildflower house culture’s distinctive acidity, but thoroughly remains a smoked beer at its core (which can be polarising, so make sure to approach it with either an open mind or a love of smoked beverages!).

Marrickville, $24
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